Altered Egos Comics & Games

It is popular wisdom that every seven years, one turns over all the cells in the body. While that isn't true, what is true is that seven years ago, none of us saw the road ahead. If you could go back to 2014 you and tell yourself about the last seven years, well, let's just say you'd likely lock you up!

Or maybe not. If you are reading this, you are one of the glorious geeks, one of the inspiring nerds, one of the fans of the magnificient medium of celebrated storytelling that is comic books. I'm a fan, and like more than a few fans, I thought about opening my own shop. And when the opportunity to do just that happened, I took it. And if an older, grizzled me came from 2021, I've read enough time-travelling comic books that I may have thought that there was a way to avoid his dire divinations.

It is now time to close the book on Altered Egos Comics and open a new chapter.

That does not mean comic books are over for you. Northeast Florida has always been blessed with a buyer's choice of comic shops. Phil Boyle of Colisseum of Comics is assisting with the transition, and for those that are interested, your subscriptions can be transferred and waiting for you. There are a network of stores all over the state, with local shops in Riverside and Arlington, and very soon, one in the Oakleaf Shopping Center. Colisseum of Comics has the an expanded selection of comic book and pop culture merchandise, the buying power of a chain of stores with helpful and knowledgeable staff, all working together to exceed your expectations in a modern comic shop.

I am personally saddened that it all has to end for me, but the rest of you, I'd encourage you to embrace this as the opportunity that it is.

Jonathan Bates, Altered Egos Comics & Games